Noss Head

I left Sinclair’s Bay yesterday and paddled round Noss Head.  As I passed Wick, the offshore breeze became strong enough that I had to paddle quite hard (in heavy rain)  to get back in the lee of the cliffs.


Latheronwheel Harbour

I stopped at Latheronwheel, near Dunbeath, pleased to have found a good place to stop after such a long run of cliffs with few landing options.  I met Kevin, a friendly cycle tourist from Wisconsin who shared some beers with me.  Thanks !

The forecast looks goods today, so I’m continuing southwards.

One thought on “Latheronwheel

  1. Hi – I hear you where in Latheron today, and said hello to two friends of mine Jane and Carole! (I used to work with them in Manchester many, many, years ago!) – but from your map, you have sailed past my old house just outside Helston (Cornwall)!
    It’s such a small world! (but not from a kayaker’s point of view!)
    Keep up the great work!

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