Lundy -> Milford Haven


Walking down to the beach on Lundy at sunrise

It was an early start for the big crossing to Wales – up at 4am and on the water at 6.  It was worth it though – the conditions were perfect and the sunrise made launching seem like floating out into a painting.


It was a long crossing – I saw one ship, about a dozen dolphins and hundreds of puffins.  The flood took me further east than I expected, so I had to stop for a while to stare at the chart and make sure I avoided the firing ranges.

Stopped on the first beach in Milford haven.  Pretty tired now!

Lundy …


Paddled across from Clovelly to Lundy in lovely calm conditions.  Feeling a bit tired after the walk up to the campsite, but I have a much longer paddle to cross to Wales tomorrow.

Had a couple of pints and some food in the Marisco Tavern – saw entries from lots of round Britain paddlers in the sea kayak book, and recognised some other names including a trip from my old school canoe club.

Early start tomorrow for the big crossing.



The wind dropped on Friday and I paddled from Crackington Haven up to Clovelly.  More lovely coastline to look at.

I was a bit late leaving, so the tide race was against me at Hartland Point, but I managed to sneak past close to the shore.


On arrival at Clovelly, there were two other Tarans in the Harbour as Nick and Lee from AB4B were already here.
Was good to meet them.  They’re crossing the Bristol channel further east from here, while I’m hoping to cross via Lundy.

I had ordered a new trolley wheel to collect in Clovelly – (thanks for the offers of help with this).  I’d had it sent it to the post office here which I then discovered had closed a couple of years ago.  Fortunately, the parcel was at the visitor centre (and the arrival of a wheel in Clovelly has had no impact on the practice of sledding goods down the cobbled streets).